Happy 40th Earth Day!

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Its the 40th year we’re celebrating Earth Day!

The climate is changing, day by day! Can you feel how hot it is right now? Readers from overseas, such as the states might not understand how we, in Singapore feel. The temperature here is constantly changing. It doesn’t rain as much in December anymore! Sea levels are rising with most of us not knowing.

Did you participate in last month’s Earth Hour (26 March 8.30-9.30pm)? You were supposed to off your lights and any unused electronic appliances. Honestly, I didn’t.

I thought that turning off lights on a daily basis, when not needing them, was part of my effort. I felt that we should be educated and practice this in daily life. This way, it doesn’t only save our electricity bills, its a good practice to save the Earth.

Don’t feel bad. Start by turning off your computers at night when you do not require them. There are many other ways you can contribute to saving Gaia.

You are responsible for Earth too.