Slow Streamyx Speed – Don’t Complain!

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If you’ve yet to subscribe to TMNet Streamyx at home or your office and you’re reading this, you found the right article. This article shall bring you through what you might start ranting about in the future.

I got a message from someone on Windows Live Messenger (aka MSN!):

[email protected] says:
Small Favour Needed

Please help me to perform speed test on this URL

Let me know what’s the speed you are getting, Internet connection speed
and ISP.

Eg: TMnet Streamyx, 1 Mbps plan, getting 100 kb/s

Thank you.

This message started me thinking.

I do know of almost 50% of my peers using Streamyx telling me that their Internet speed isn’t of satisfaction. I never ever complained that my Internet is slow. It’s totally fine to have slow Internet, but I need something stable. TMNet has done well with regards to this. *Cheers*

Before you start complaining…

  1. Read Streamyx’s FAQ! Point #5 states that “Best effort” describes a service that is provided without any service level assurance. Now you see, what you get is what you should get. Complaining probably won’t improve your Internet. So stop ranting.
  2. Also read the Fair Use Policy! We wish to also highlight that as an Internet Service Provider (ISP), TM only provides access to the Internet and does not guarantee content delivery and performance where it is not within the domain of TM as an ISP. In fact, our international traffic management policy is designed to cater for all our customers so they have an optimal surfing experience within the normal limits of Internet usage.

Let me simply explain what you should understand from the above text.

You should understand that you may not get the speed you subscribed and paid for unless you’re surfing I hope  I am right. Please correct me.

Do a speed test before you start calling over to 1300-88-9515/100 and start asking them why your Internet so slow.

  • streamyx suck

    streamyx give very suck service to all malysian. i dont know which one internet line should i choose to get better performance,it because all the internet in malaysia using tm as backbone. first 3 month its giving a good performance but after that like a paying for 4mbps monthly but sometimes i use the tm streamyx speedtest the result shows download speed is just 1460 kbps.i have the picture of that.what the hell of that. i really2 dissapointed of tm company.u just embarassed your state and make we all angry.this is call near wawasan 2020.

  • Laurel

    We need more people to understand the problem and complaint. We need to stand as 1 to eliminate this stupid T&C. Talking isn’t going to solve the problems but what we need is to unite. I really hope that someday ( wish it will be soon ) that someone will come forward and clear the cloudy day caused by this company. When that day comes , i will sure be right behind.

    • Jarvis Hon

      This thread has been up for 3 years and i don’t think this is the website that contain complaints to TM, and what have TM did for the customer? I am currently using Streamyx 1MB package for 2 years and since the day i register i already know what kind of ISP they’re, but i have no choice to chose TM because he is the best among the worst in Malaysia. I had been worked in Singapore for 3 years and being amazed by what they can get from their ISP, not mentioning about how reasonable the price is & the gadget they got upon signed up, the speed is not way but extremely fast, imagined you can get 10mb/s speed when you download from a web server that have great upload speed, or normally 5-600 kbps (100mbps fibernet). How i hope this can be happen in Malaysia! By the way, Rm88 is the price i pay for Streamyx and for 38 SGD you can get around 5mbps speed from Singtel according to my friend stayed there. I think we will also be at the same stage even if we reached 2020, laugh my ass off for a developing country that not developing it’s own technology infrastructure.

  • i hate streamyx

    WTF streamyx? i play hon but delay 10 secs? thats bullshit man….all tm staff go work n then do nothing but masturbate? then all the workers there download porn video 10 hours one ……. so thats why our internet speed so slow? now if i want to open facebook also hard n slow….. o0o FUCK YOU!

  • Hageshii

    Fucking Streamyx. When I download a larger file, it started from 3kb/sec to less than 1000b/sec

  • internet

    TMnet/Stremayx is by far the worst ISP around period. fair use policy n FAQ is just to save their butts since they knw they can not give u the speed at all time but what they can asure is that u r connected. don’t pay for 1mb or 4mb bcos 90% of the time ur speed is below 80% and hv u ever call the support team? none of them knw what the hack to do except tell u to wait, wait n wait. i moved to jaring n i suggest u all do the same n forget about streamyx cos its a con job.

    • Jack Tan Kim Seng

      Talking about Streamyx… I felt that I’ve been cheated. I recently upgraded my existing package from 512Kb to 1Mb
      but I did not get a free modem as advertised. When I went to TMPoint to collect my cordless phone I was told that I have to get from TM’s sub-con instead but when asked the technician who came to my house, he said I have to get from TMPoint. What a lousy service from a big company like Telekom. I had made several complaints but until not I still not getting my modem. So for a new subscriber for upgrade, don’t be fool by TMNET and become a victim like me.

  • Euphi Er

    around this week, i’ve subscribe for streamyx rm 110 for 1mbps…
    but what’s making me shock, the download speed is 20kbps and below.
    if i’m lucky, it’s around 50kbps and below.
    so, what’s wrong with the connection?
    does this one because of the router or what?
    anyway, i’m from muar, johor.

  • tm user

    i have tips for streamyx custumor, if you’re downloader addict and want your conecttion as fast as you want and always stable follow my suggestion;
    -at home avoid using wifi conection, use LAN cable that given by
    TM although use a laptop.
    -if u just browsing a web page like face book or anything else it’s ok use wifi.
    - sometimes when the connection speed decrease it ok, what you need to do is restart the modem.( press power button 1) off and on back for a few second.Then make one download and monitor the speed. If still in low speed, make it again after a few minutes. i’m will do after 4-5 minutes.
    ok.guy good luck

  • Anonymous

    hi no-angel-too, ok so we knows nothing about their complicated networking. yes that’s true, SO WHAT? THEY ADVERTISE AND ANNOUNCE THAT PACKAGE attracting consumer to the streamyx 1mb but couldn’t achieve what the package apply. shouldn’t they DEGRADE IT THAT PACKAGE AND COST US LESSER? so your point is, WE PAY AND WE MUST NOT COMPLAIN? are you telling us that we should use “Sue” instead? or we should learn like u? dude if they are having so much complicated stuff that they couldn’t handle, just drop it. let someone more professional to replace it instead. say no more to “TM”
    being professional but not professional at all. cant even fulfill their duty. then those company hire them for what? to dig hole? you said TM is not MCD all over the country? JUST BECAUSE TM IS NOT MCD, WE THEN COMPLAIN MORE. THE ONE AND ONLY COMPANY IS WORST THAN A MCD THAT HANDLES HUNDRED OF THEM ALL OVER THE WORLD. PLEASE KNOW UR SHAME.

  • burstman

    well… as mentioned in ur post… then tm net should not charge the damn fucking high bills when they can’t provide whatever they said in their package or whatever shit streamy things.. and one more thing… why didn’t they state the worst possible speed for the connection at the package and instead of the highest speed possible when they actually never ever reached that speed… it is not about what best effort they can do it is what the fuck they did not do.. why the fuck that singapore and korea and almost country in asia have faster speed than us? what in earth do our country lack of? i thought malaysian called themselves fast growing country? fast growing? why didn’t the speeed went on fast growing?

  • ami

    WTF TM & its so called products….so full of shit…dont talk about FA fucking Q and policy…promote here, promote there, when customer complain, they gave tnc to us, let us give a FUCK to you (TM)…super idiot…guys..DO NOT PROMISE IF U CANNOT DELIVER, aite!

  • mew

    tmnet .. nah o0o eat banana lagi la ..

  • wanie

    if u feel tm is not satisfying your needs then switch to other broadband la??

    • http://google kelvin

      TM u eat money ha? do ur work la,,,,,,,i pay u money for ur internet , but u so cb u know….my line asyik drop la wtf, call u centre also waste my time….nvm fixed it

  • maclyaz

    TM sucks!!!

  • MrFendy

    I have streamyx with rm100++ per month ….. I use this and download file with 60 – 100+ MB and only takes 40++ minutes to download complete.. But I really have no idea just a few weeks later my download speed down dramatically and I can’t even open YouTube,I mean yes i can open youtube But its take 1 day to finish buffer only for 1 music video.. This is so annoying .. Any tips? Thanks…

  • slow donwload

    why my download speed decreased 50% ? darn it..

  • no-angel-too

    can’t blame you complainants for all the dissatisfactions. not everyone is technology literate, not everyone has worked in TM before, not everyone knows the networking, not everyone is given the privilege in understanding the background. my personal opinion :- If it weren’t for TM, there’d be no Maxis broadband, Digi broadband, Celcom broadband, even P1 broadband. They’re all sharing the same backbone… TM, my dearest. Why do you blame the customer service, when you are not co-operative enough to check on your own equipments first? The customer service never asked you to check on your own. guidelines are provided. am i not correct? i am currently using both digi and streamyx broadband, and i have no complaints on both. lots of reasons why i am not complaining. first of all, i am in a location where the routing is usually congested, and second of all, i am only using 512 kbps speed. digi is not able to give me a very fast browsing, but it’s stable. so i am thankful for that. i cannot complain bulls like, oh, another country is providing faster services at cheaper rates because, for one fucking simple reason, i am not in that “other” country.
    mind you, TM is not McD , it’s not an ordering parlor where you can just call in and ask for a technician. They are not standby just for you. you talk about ethics? what about you? are you having one? How many customers do TM have? 1.5 mil? Not very sure, but the figure is around there… i guess? So uh, probably that’s why the customer service is always unavailable. Then again….
    whose fault is it that you were born and raised in Malaysia?
    You can surely shout as much as you want, you can surely feel like a king just because you pay an amount of less than a hundred for internet connection, but bear in mind, the customer service are only serving the best they can, and as i can understand, they are only able to convey the messages, because that’s where you are heard, and remember that for a prominent company like TM, they do have their own company policies. Technicians aren’t just able to reach your door step as you have requested, because mind you, technicians have their own rules that they are bound to follow too, job-wise. Service given by these people may be slow, and their English may not be as high as yours, you may look down on them for their English language usage, their knowledge, but remember that they are individuals to be respected. Nothing wrong complaining, of course. Like Michelle mentioned, customers have their own rights, of course, but remember that companies have their own policies. Say, if internet is your oxygen and you are not able to breathe streamyx air then no one is holding you back from moving to another country that gives you better service in terms of internet connection. No hard feelings, I’m just giving my opinions as a TM user.

  • john

    are u idiot???? cant complain?? open the broadband market lah, if not, then make sure at least line stable. but many ping timeout appear and not to mention slow, wanna upgrade to 2MBps, saying that my area dont support, what the fuck is tmnet pigs motherfucker doing?

  • syafizan

    my streamyx slow start when have pakage blockbuster deal.wat happen.

  • Ken

    2mb…youtube also need to wait buffering like a hell…there is more risk than b4 i upgrade…they suspect modem problem, but after change, wifi cant detect…after change AGAIN, wifi alway drop connection…well i think i gonna change again with them…and did you know how long they will take to come to change a modem with me?? 1st change is 2 days…2nd times is 2 weeks!!! how did u think the 3rd times now?? the 1st problem not yet solve, but they create a new problem for me AGAIN…so SHOULD I COMPLAIN??!!!!!!! have other country service worst than that???????

  • Pravin babu

    You clearly don’t know what you are talking about.

  • FrustratedTMNUTUser

    Avoid unifi at all costs. My friend in her utter frustration switched to Unifi 5Mbps because line keep dropping. Nobody came to solve streamyx problem or placate her!! She had no choice but part with hard earned money to solve their own problem. Now i dread unifi having same problems in near future.

    Don’t be deceived by their nice ploy – Unifi is not as sweet as it sounds..

    I wonder what they will do if all frustrated subscribers refuse to pay up overdue bills every 2 months.. Sue us?? Then we terminate account

  • flyingfox

    The abuse extends to everything – including billing. I got a “normal” reminder phone call that my bill was overdue. warm and nice, no mention of line being cut. I paid on-line within 10 minutues and received e-mail confirmation from my bank. TM did not update the system and 4 days later, they cut my line, without any notice. When I called them and gave payment details, they said it will take up to 24 hours to re-open my line. The service level is slower than the Government Agencies! You can get an International passport in 1 hour, get black-listing uplifted in 2, get road tax in 10 mintues. TM/Streamyx needs 5 days to update!

    All, always keep complaining to the Multimedia Commission. Say that TM is abusing its dominant market position. These complaints are auditable and will help other ISPs to make thier case for more licences. Don’y just blog about this. Lets try to send 1million complaints. That will help competition as the Commission will have to break the monolpoly/dominance. Believe in Change!

  • Jack Yuun

    I applied for the free netbook 1 Malaysia package (Since I’m no longer entitle to the Unipackage). Guess what they told me? They need 1-2 months to process the authenticity of my documents. Only once they confirm will they proceed on to the registration & application. They’re famously know for ‘Slowmyx’ for a good reason. So nevermind the fact they provide sucky net line, but for someone who is going to give them business & they way the work to secure my business is a major turn off. Sorry Slowmyx, you are still disappointing even after all this while.

  • jenry

    TMnet, i was very disappoint of u… why so slow~ i want download 2mb’s thing also want to wait more then 30 minuts. haiz~ disappoint

  • arebu

    1 have been using streamyx for around 1 year now..n did have some problem at the beginning..the line would not connect..i call the center..they send some1 2 fix it..find out the router was faulty..they changed it..n for my surprise..i could get torrent download up 2 170kbps..but for 1 week now..the speed just dropped to average of only 5kbps..damn slow..i check the speedometer on streamyx says download speed is 850kbps??..where the speed go if that the case..i use cnet speedometer..n it tell me only around 200kbps…but still my torrent is not good..i’m a really heavy downloader..dont know what 2 do.. just wait for the line to return to normal..

    • Nicholas

      Arebu, Streamyx throttles your torrent speeds. Don’t expect 100% speedy torrents okay.

      • arebu

        yeah i know..but what good is using internet if not downloading file from p2p..i did not sign for 1mbps plan just for browsing..

  • tmnut

    Excuse me? Don’t complain? Are you aware of the myriads of users out there who are experiencing bad connection? Bad as in real bad if you know what i mean. The package that i subscribed to is 512kbps, all throughout all these years all max speed that i can get is 65kbps. I am totally fine with it as long as you give me a stable connection. I rewired all my telephone lines, changed routers, checked this and that and that and yet i am still getting frequent disconnections. It is very annoying especially when you need to download something off the net and i have to restart the download every time because of that ‘ever present random disconnection’. I have tried calling them so many times and what they did is basically nothing. They will say that their servers are fine and tells me that a technician will come over to troubleshoot. To be honest the technicians are ‘USELESS’. They cannot fix anything, they just drop by every time, looks at my computer screen, meddle with the ‘Open Network and Sharing Center’, try to make a new connection and that’s it. What they will do next is ‘Saya check kat server dulu, kalau ada problem kat server kami akan fix lah’. Great, while I am typing this i got disconnected and i have to restart the download again. See how random it is?

    # in a nutshell, Streamyx sucks big time. sometimes i even feel like going straight to their office and scold the crap out of them.

  • gorrila

    its so simple. if you have the problem with the connection, just terminate it. i also use streamyx but i didnt facing any problem. i might be lucky. but before this im using P1 wimax. i pay rm99 but connection have so many problem. slow.. sometimes cannot use. but after im moving to my house right now, i cannot use at all and my friend who terminate streamyx before this to use p1 complaint about p1 so slow. i donnt know about another ISP. but my friend also complaint about maxis and celcom. for digi, its still early to talk about that ISP because many ISP dont have many problem at begging but after 1 year, many problem come. for me, what ISP you want to use is up to you. choose the right one for you and your place rite now. so other customer at sungai buloh said streamyx very sucks at their place but p1 is the best, but for flora damansara area said p1 is very suck but streamyx is ok.. so choose the rite one for you and your place rite now.

    another thing is if you got slow connection using streamyx. for my expirience (im using 2mb and if i do speed test i always get 2mb++) dont use wireless. if u using wireless, u can get slow connnection (if you use tm streamyx modem) because connection for wireless for that modem is not very strong. if u want to use wireless, i recomended u use good wireless modem. also one more thing, if you want your connection is stable and not slow, dont place your modem near any electronic device and make sure you use cable in good condition (im using a little expensive cable because i want good connection)

    im already using streamyx for 1 and half years, i just make complaint for 1 time. so for me its still good compair im using p1 ( 6 complaint in 1 month even my last place is briekfield)


    **sorry.. im not good in english, just want to sharring my experience.

    • KaSelamat

      gorrila! u right ur streamyx is good compare to p1.But what we’re talking here is does streamyx services is good enough equivalent to what we pays?

  • DavidS

    TM’s broken backbone is the problem, causing high packet loss and latency. TM’s routers are often misconfigured. TM has not subscribed to sufficient uplinks to allow for successfull failover. Technical support is useless. Monopoly + Corruption = Malaysia Internet.

  • chungyw

    Hi Coco,

    I face the same problem like u lately. I also download very regulary. I upgrade my line from 512 to 1mb last Dec 2009. Since then, my download speed is at average 130kb. But since Apr, the line become so low. Download speed always not more than 10KB. I called TM, they said my line no problem.. Very upset… Anyone can help too?

  • chungyw

    Hi Coco. I’m facing the same problem too. Lately, i think starting in April. The internet connect is so slow.. I upgrade from 512 to 1mb in Dec 2009. From Dec to Mar, my download speed is at average 130kb. I also a download heavily.

    Now my download speed from MU, RS, HF all is below 10KB sometimes just few bytes. I also complaint to TM. same thing, no problem for my line.-_-!!

    Anyone can help??

  • Coco

    I ragularly download things and the speed is around 40 -60kb and thats ok. But there’s always problem cause sometimes the speed wont even go to 5kb. and sometimes i wont download at all.. I called TM but they keep saying there is no problem and all. I really don’t know what is the problem ~_~!

  • Michael Cheu

    Get Streamyx Economy package for RM 2232 per month.
    Hey, I have subscribe the stramyx RM 20 package n my monthly bill is RM500++. The Package include a 10 hour internet usage n charge RM0.05 per minute thereafter. The package seem very interesting for people who use a bit but actually it was not so. If, someone who use really little n forget to switch off the modem like me, the U really get caught by the trick of the package. The charges is base on the modem U switch on but not the signal get by the computer wifi adapter.
    There are hidden story behind it. If we didn’t switch off the modem for a month, the month bill will be RM2232. Wow. That package is not the economy package but the “Loanshark Package”. That mean that is the 33 months bill for people who subscribe RM 68 package.
    For me, I really ANGRY n upset with the streamyx. My advice to all is Dont suibscribe to Streamyx RM20 package at all. If U really need internet, choose other package or other internet provider in the market which seem to be very interesting.
    All the best to all n “Fxxx U ” streamyx, Telekom n Axiata Berhad.

  • izzi

    streamyx these days so slow so and cheating the fuck out of people’s money. Don’t complain? Even African countries have better internet services then Malaysia….

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  • rikiki

    I disagree that we should not complain. If we never complain they’ll definitely not upgrade their services(they still don’t even we complain anyway). I do not agree with internet service as ‘stable’. Most 98% of the time I access international sites so they should provide stable connection to international sites too. And in 1 year there would be one or two month interval of service disruption. That is NOT good. And we have been suffering this since dunno when. (And repairing work keeps getting delayed!) And you may think it is inevitable because of cable problems, circuit faults, earthquake, etc… but why the other countries isn’t this affected as us? (I search for ciruits faults, cable problems with other countries DSL names and only came out with their own house cable problems). And people just don’t complain for a little problem. It is complained like every bimonthly. I blame this for lack of competition also. The customer service is bad too. There has been many horror stories. Recently, my friend wanted to change the name of owning the streamyx because her housemate is leaving and the people promised to come in a week. But a week passed by and they called them everyday until her other housemates got angry. Later the streamyx people said it should be a month. So in the end my friend is stuck without internet for around 3 weeks? And mind you, we live in Cyberjaya which is where the headquaters of TM NET is. Crazy. I told her she have to get the name of the person that she called for customer service so they can refer back to what that person said. Another older story is my friend whom they give wrong speed(he called and called them after dunno how long they finally give him the right speed). It’s just lame. I also got problems once but it’s more about the merge of phone and streamyx bills and they cut off our line just because we haven’t paid last months’ bill which is their fault with problems from the bill merging. They shouldn’t cut off the line until it is 2 months, the bill is late, we got housemates to collect money from, need to go out to pay(don’t have internet banking).

  • Michelle

    Don’t complain? Your brain must be sick! I pay RM88 per month for such a sick-ass slow connection speed? Stable or not stable isn’t the issue. The main issue here is the speed. Don’t bring new issue up here genius. We consumers do have our own rights. We pay larger amount of money because we want something that can satisfy us! DO YOU KNOW THE WORD SATISFY MEANS??? Since we pay for greater satisfaction, so whenever we feel unsatisfied, we can always complain to earn our rights back! And YOU! YOU ARE THE DUMBEST PPL I HAVE EVER SEEN! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY STUDENTS SUFFER BECAUSE OF THE SLOW CONNECTION SPEED CAUSED THEM UNABLE TO FINISH THEIR ASSIGNMENTS QUICKLY??? DO NOT TELL US STUDENTS TO REARRANGE OUR TIMETABLE OR OTHER SHITS. WE ALL KNOW THIS! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN BY “TMNet has done well with regards to this. *Cheers*”??? “Terlalu laMbat” Net never do well !! They never do! All they did was giving us shit services. And oh! if you call them, they will tell you that ALL of their agents are busy. Wheres the professionalism??? All? BUSY?? ok…once they answered ur call, they will ask you the same bloody questions routinely.
    Being the monopoly in Malaysia also no need to be like that right?! The main thing is the professionalism! Stop using those outdated technologies that the other countries don’t want!

    Know why we get slow speed? This is because Malaysia bought 2nd-hand technologies from the other countries and maintain them! They wanna make their input as cheap as possible…clever isn’t it? Go to hell!! We pay RM88 for a RM44 service…wheres your ethics, TM? Where? We got 4 types of ethics here: utilitarian, moral-rights, individualism and justice. Which one do you apply? NONE!

    So please correct for what you said MR BLOG OWNER. DO NOT GIVE CREEDITS TO TMNET! Its not worth it! I’m not meant to scold you. I’m just shouting out my feelings. Yes, in a rude way…I admit. So please do not blame me or scold me or wadever.

    • KaSelamat

      I can’t doubt you about everything you says cause it all true nothing but the truth.

  • Ah Ming

    Streamyx starting to cheatting our money now, we pay the price never can get the speed! same like me pay RM88 get slow than 56k Modem Speed and cannot Discount. This new service start from “2008 December”


    Me 4 Month No Pay The Bill Already, Streamyx Send Red Bill Come I Just Pay 1 Month Money, If Streamyx Block My Line, I Will Call 1300-88-9515 To F@CK Them! If They Say You Have 4 Month Bill No Pay So They Block My Line! I Will Say You Line So Slow! I Pay You Money So Fast For What?!


    Now I’m Keeping To Hold 3 Month Bill No Pay But I’m Still Can Using It!

    RECOMMAND : Hold Streamyx 2 Month Bill No Pay (2 Month No Pay They Cannot Block Our Line)
    Don’t Let Them Play Us! Power In Your MONEY!
    Come Everyone Do Like This! Only Me One People They Can’t Feel It.

    Nissan – Shift_the future
    Honda – Power of dream
    Toyota – Moving forword
    STREAMYX – Ready To Be WaterFISH

  • Frustrated

    The cause of all our woes is lack of competition.

    TMNet has no motivation to provide good service when it has an effective monopoly on fixed line broadband here.

    Look at countries such as uk with so many different providers. Any company providing TMNet-like service wouldn’t last 5 seconds there.

  • Sam

    If you pay the same price range compared to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and other but get the speed 2 to 3 times slower then them that would be unfair… if “unfair” wont mater since user ‘should reed the term and service policy” then that is not a good service… if “Slow Streamyx Speed – Don’t Complain!” then don’t open a complain hot-line service… I think TMNet should be more open to any complain and should improve they service regularly especially the internet speed since they are the only one company that dominate the internet service in Malaysia. And one more thing… they also recruit and do training to they technician on commercial server unlike other that do on a secondary beta server… go on TMnet website and read the news… they do training on commercial server every weekend… no wonder the connection slow and sometimes fail because of this, please do you homework on beta server… I hope there is something positive on this… anyway the have done a good job but not as good as Streamyx user wanted.

  • -_-

    431kbps[download] and 209kbps[upload] on 1mbps package…

    well streamyx is f-ing slow on loading sites..

    but youtube vids load pretty fast..

    i dont have to wait for the video to download…it “streams” perfectly.

    otherwise streamyx

  • Fred (JB)

    My Streamyx connection was fine until about 2 weeks ago. It suddenly got really slow to the point I couldn’t even check my Yahoo email. If I refresh the page, then maybe the inbox page loads succesfully after several minutes, but who’s got the patience to press the REFRESH button on the browser every few seconds? Defeats the purpose of surfing!

    My fcuked up connection is so slow I can’t even open the speed-test page suggested above ( ) to test my speed. I pay broadband charges for something WORSE than dial-up??? This bl00dy Streamyx is siphoning off our money right under our noses! Even to lodge a complaint through their hotline number, one has to go through an annoying recorded greeting and in the end the complaint remains as just another report number.

    Has anyone tried W1MAX? Im seriously thinking of switching over but not without hearing some comments first.

  • WTF

    haiz..streamyx everyday no line..WTF and slow like tortise.

  • zzz

    u’re happy with ur slow speed , that’s your problem.others just have to express thier anger esp when they feel that thier money has been cheated.that’s thier problem. u should be bothered by them.

  • John

    Are you really having b-r-o-a-d-band?

    Click this links to check

    What is Broadband? (

    Connection speeds and download limits (

    Is telephone cable the same as road highways?

    1. Roads during peak period will have traffic jams.

    2. However, telephone cables are similar to TNB cables.

    3. One electric cable from TNB is connected to a row of terrace houses.

    4. Bear in mind the usage of electricity is 24 hours per day in every house. Peak usage is during the night with TVs, airconds etc. Do you experience low voltage? Power surge perhaps.

    5. Is broadband usage 24 hours? Is every house using broadband?


    1. I urge everyone to check whether you are getting the download speed that you subscribed from streamyx. For your info, you should get at least 90%.
    2. Please click this link to see how much speed you get. Click a few times to confirm. (
    3. If you are getting below 50%, please do a print screen.
    4. To do a print screen, put your cursor at the down right hand corner (put the cursor at the time) to get the date and day appear. Once appear, press together the keyboard buttons ctrl and prt sc.
    5. Next click start, All Programs, Accessories, Paint
    6. Press keyboard buttons ctrl and v
    7. Then File, Save As (put a name) Save into your desktop
    8. Send it as attachment to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
    9. They need your support and evidence to bring up to TM
    10. Please support for everyone benefit

  • John

    Is telephone cable the same as road highways?

    1. Roads during peak period will have traffic jams.

    2. However, telephone cables are similar to TNB cables.

    3. One electric cable from TNB is connected to a row of terrace houses.

    4. Bear in mind the usage of electricity is 24 hours per day in every house. Peak usage is during the night with TVs, airconds etc. Do you experience low voltage? Power surge perhaps.

    5. Is broadband usage 24 hours? Is every house using broadband?

    • Felix Ker

      John, I disagree. It’s bad even at non-peak hours.

      If you’re representing TM, contact me. There’s alot to improve on.

  • JJ

    What if the page does not even finish loading? I can’t even use SLOOOOW to describe this. I can’t complain as well?

    • Felix Ker

      Ofcourse you can! If u can load my blog, that should be decent. (Since the server is in Singapore and it’s considered International bandwidth. Remember, TMNet only supports local bandwidth. :) )

      TMNet has bad Bandwidth today, even I can’t load many pages. Well, always they’re having such problems, so I’m not surprised.

  • Felix Ker

    Yea, but again, speed tests over at their side are always above 70% (when you’re not using any Internet).

    • Eina

      The speed test URL that I gave:
      is not “over at their side”.

      It doesn’t belong to TM & as far as I know is USA based.

      International link problems are a different story (as mentioned below). They should be fxed, but you can’t get TM to come around to your house for that.

    • Felix Ker

      Thats the problem with TM. They don’t assure your International bandwidth. Thats why I hate them.

      I guess most of the time we’re harvesting on International sites, aren’t we?

      • tokbromoh

        If you think it is easy then you try to apply job with tm and find the way to make the international connection faster. Don’t just talk nonsense. You must know that the international website have their own server outside from malaysia. If the site that you are opening is congested from the feeder itself then no point you try to fix from tm side.

        • Eina

          It all boils down to money, doesn’t it. TM (like any business) is trying to pay as little as possible for it’s raw materials (International bandwidth) and sell it’s finished product (service to us) for as much as it can get away with. The solution is simple – throw more money at the raw materials side & you will get more bandwidth. The question is whether they have to or can get away with customers not getting what they pay for. The answer to that is Yes, given that they are an effective monopoly.

          Of course some countries have regulators to ensure that companies don’t false advertise and have the capability to provide the services they are licensed to. In Malaysia the government owns the golden share of TM so that’s never gonna happen.

  • Eina

    Point 5 also mentions the magic 70% number. If you are getting LESS than 70% you are fully entitles to lodge a fault report & they are obliged to fix the problem.
    They are also liable to refudn you if they don’t fix it within 2 working days.

    I have applied for compensation several times & received it every time. The more people that lodge complaints, the more money TM will have to spend on maintenance and the sooner they will realise it’s cheaper to have a more reliable system with more bandwidth in the first place.

    Also, TM informed me last time they were around fixing a problem, that the speed test URL that you gave isn’t good – only the Cyberjaya server is working these days. They gave me a link which is better & doesn’t require Java: