*FOUND* “TAN KIAN CHOON” from Singapore/Malaysia

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Searching for Person

*UPDATE* (11am 8 September 2010) Mr Tan got to read this blog article and  commented. It’s really the power of Google.


Declare: I’m not a loanshark, neither does the person owe anyone money. I’m finding him for a good cause (I have documents to verify).

Mr TAN KIAN CHOON (Son of late Mr TAN TOH SENG) happens to be a friend of my dad’s friend and he’s lost his contact for at least 30 over years.

If you happen to know Mr Tan Kian Choon or late Mr Tan Toh Seng, please contact me by any means. I’m sure there’s monetary reward if you’re willing to accept.

I hope after reading this, you will share this via facebook/twitter/email. 1 more person sharing this means there’s alittle more chance. Let’s use the power of social media to find this person.

  • KC

    Please identify yourself and get in touch.

    • Felix Ker

      I’m Felix.

      I’m looking for Mr Tan Kian Choon, who should be at least 50 years old now. As mentioned in the background info, Mr Tan Kian Choon’s lawful father is Mr Tan Toh Seng. I have both their NRIC/Passport.

      Drop me a call at 9145 6635 if you really know him.

  • Felix Ker

    Thanks all!

  • jillian

    G lucK!

  • Jackson

    Good luck too!

  • Ryen

    I shared too! Good luck, hope you find him.