Thoughts of a UOL-LSE International Programme student in Singapore

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Suddenly, I had the urge to share something longer than 140 characters which is much more than what twitter supports.

For any of you reading this and do not know me, here’s a brief introduction. I’m a full-time undergrad pursuing my Bachelor of Science at University of London and London School of Economics (LSE) (International Programme) in Singapore. Not going to mention where I’m doing this program as they’re doing well (not that UOL/LSE isn’t good).

What’s bad is the culture here. I’m unsure if this only happen in Singapore. No one talks in class. I’m not referring to chatting in class, but the two way communication between the lecturer and student. Over here, the lecturer will speak for almost 3 hours (duration of the lecture (and tutorial), minus 10 minutes break time). Yes, most lecturer will talk throughout tutorials (included in the 3 hours lecture).

I do see that some lecturers are trying to change the system or change the way they do tutorials by trying to make students at least talk alittle, but this isn’t really helping. Students here still keep everything to themselves.

Perhaps, I started feeling this in the recent years with the world spinning; changing the world to become more social. Just look at websites, even they’re evolving to become web 2.0 (though just a model) – allowing more communication (not just 2-way).

Don’t ask me why I’m diving into this programme without doing much research and end up learning that this programme just isn’t to my liking. I guess at first I thought it was fine, but through time, I changed and realised I’m not suited for this. I’m doing my final year, and of course, I’ve to keep going!

But you will question what’s good about the programme? I feel the British programme trains me for 1-shot-1-one kill, like a sniper. If you fail the paper, you’ll have to re-do it the following year. Just like going for an interview, you only get a chance to impress. How can you not prepare for it?

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