Treechada “Nong Poy” Marnyaporn: Prettiest Transsexual I’ve ever seen (with 40 over photos)

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Poy, a Thai, changing sex at the age of 17, enjoyed high reputation in Thailand since winning Miss Tiffany Competition (some sort of tranny beauty contest). During one of her interview, she tell her story after having sex changing operation. She won the crown of Miss Tiffany beauty contest at the age of 19.

During a talk show, she said that when she was small, she used to think of becoming a girl, but in-front of her parents, she had to pretend as a man. She felt disgusted of her ‘male organ’, so at the age of 17, she went for the sex change surgery and since that, she felt as if she is a new born.

At the beginning, she is afraid of the operation, but after going through a lot of doctor’s counseling and searching through info related to the operation, finally she decided to go ahead with the operation. During the operation, the process is extremely painful. But as soon as she thinks of becoming a female, it worth every pain she suffered.

Recently, Poy is promoting some slimming products and has taken some sexy photo shots in Thailand. Her reputation keeps on growing as she has been a hot topics on the Internet among those South East Asians.

About Poy
Real Name: Treechada Marnyaporn
Nickname: Nong Poy
Height : 171 cm
Weight : 48 kg
Measurement: 33 – 24 – 36
Occupation : Actress, Singer, Model
Awards received:
Miss Tiffany 2004
Miss International Queen 2004

P.S:  Look at her hands, she has a pair of ‘man size’ hand. Other than that, she looks perfect.

My Two Pennies Worth

Firstly, I don’t know if the photos below are the same person. They look same to me.

Next, are the photographs really “Poy”, as mentioned above? Frankly speaking, the ‘girl’ in the photo looks gorgeous.

Also, Is the story real? I wonder. Anyone can find 40 over pictures and cook up a story to forward around the Internet.

Many questions run through me when I saw the photos.

Can anyone research and let me know?

Read more to view all her photos (40 over photos)


image001 image002 image003 image004 image005  image007 image008  image009 image010 image011 image012 image013 image014 image015 image016 image017 image018 image019 image020 image021 image022 image023 image024 image025 image026 image027 image028 image029 image030 image031 image032 image033 image034 image035 image036 image037

  • yenoh lee

    yes!she is so beautiful and had a successful surgery but one thing is for sure, all the female hormones that were injected to her will bring her to suffering. time will come that her systems will give up gradually as she becomes older because all worldly pleasures have karma. in other words, goes around comes around. just a friendly reminder.

  • lawrence

    age 40 plus nong poy beauty fade as body hardening.that will come true

  • dope

    I think its more about changing how she feel and perceive herself sexually rather than changing the fact of she being male geneticly

  • PJLC29

    i dont understand, ok, she’s/he’s beautiful but the fact that he’s/she’s born as a guy, it does’nt make any change. she/he may not look like nor speak like a guy, but in reality she/he is. i wouldnt adore her/him, but i would adore his/her surgeon. (its like a job well done). I would admire her/his braveness for he/she managed to accomplished such beauty.

  • franco

    x andrea
    non è più disponibile
    l’ultima volta lo ho incontrato al
    royal garden
    ma non ne volle sapere
    e si fece solo baciare
    comunque ci sono altri
    travestiti belli come lui
    a pattaya e che fanno
    dei bellissimi pompini

  • ashylee

    there is a lot of insecured person here …
    …insecurity is disease
    get well soon biatch….

  • ashylee

    …hahahahah gosh miss nong poy..can u come here at the philippines…im so excited to see yah…..ur so beautifull……..little kind but wild..ahhhhhh…..yeah….—–ashylee from philippines…

  • mariposa

    wow, she’s pretty :)
    even prettier than most of the “real girls”

    i’m not really into the idea of transsexual. i don’t blame her (well she’s practically a woman now) for changing her genitalia. i just want to told her that she born perfectly as the way she used to be. cause even she’s a woman now, she doesn’t have uterus and can’t produce ovum. and those two things are the most important things to told if you’re REALLY a woman or not.

  • rad363

    whatever you say. your still a boy!! freak!!

    • ashylee

      you know if i were u go to hell and make ur self a demon…

  • Vannyda

    People are so ignorant these days. Transsexuals are human just like everybody else. We have a heart, feelings, and also can Love just like a normal male/female. Men is Men and Women should be Women? So retarded…Your genitalia doesn’t define your gender…just because you have a cock that doesn’t mean you’re a man…just because you have a pussy that doesn’t mean your a woman. Everybody can have cock and pussy, but that doesn’t mean your that gender if you inside don’t match your outside. Gender Reassignment Surgery should renamed Genitalia Reassignment Surgery. You’re not correcting your gender, because you’re always the gender you feel inside and all along. You’re just correcting your genitalia to match your inside.

    For those who don’t understand, if we ask you to change your genital. Will you be able to? No, right…exactly. So learn to fucking understand, because you probably be with or sleep with a transsexual without even realizing it. So, do you feel disgusted now…? Think about it…and, Transsexuals are not consider Gay…define “Gay” for me…exactly…get my point now huh. Haha

    • putang ina mo

      your logic is for peasant kind of brain douchebag

  • human_being

    this is sign the doom,…, the sun will burn your ideologi, man is man, and the woman should be woman, FUCK DREAM THIS IS NOT GOD WILL, this is HUMAN will, who want to change the destiny

  • SFC Armin Schwarz (3rd Battalion, 75th Regiment)

    “Therefore I say to you, every sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men, but the blasphemy [against] the Spirit shall not be forgiven unto men. Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it shall be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the [age] to come.” (Matt. 12:32-33)

    “..and especially those who walk according to the flesh in the lust of uncleanness and despise authority. [They are] presumptuous, self-willed. They are not afraid to speak evil of dignitaries, whereas angels, who are greater in power and might, do not bring a reviling accusation against them before the Lord. But these, like natural brute beasts made to be caught and destroyed, speak evil of the things they do not understand, and will utterly perish in their own corruption, [and] will receive the wages of unrighteousness, [as] those who count it pleasure to carouse in the daytime. [They are] spots and blemishes, carousing in their own deceptions while they feast with you, having eyes full of adultery and that cannot cease from sin, enticing unstable souls. They have a heart trained in covetous practices, [and are] accursed children. (2Peter 2:10-14)

    • Calvin

      Muslims and Christians live in fear, yet are so fearless at criticising other’s this way, as though they are so high up there, so ‘Holy’..!
      Oh please, i used to be a Christian, but not anymore.. cos seeing they way they believe the bible, i feel so disgusted!!
      Stop quoting the bible as though it makes you so holy, you hypocrites..!
      Stop judging others as though you won’t be judged, you cruel people..!
      Stop reading doomsday verses and trying to enhance fear as a form of controlling others, you tyrant..!!!
      Every religion is about love, God sees and loves us..! Whatever action we do really is unimportant if you believe you have eternal life..! It’s our soul He looks at, not the flesh! So if Nong Poy wants to be a woman, that’s cool!! God judges her soul, not her flesh! And shouldn’t even say judge, He’s not that Chief Justice sending people to prison, the word should be, God cares for her soul and disregards her flesh!!
      She can be who she wants to be..
      In our journey of being ourselves, in self-discovery, we learn to love God and Nature better!!
      That’s why i give up Christianity, now I’m GAIA!!!

  • andrea

    is possible know where is now ?
    i knowed in pattaya in tiffany.
    i like but i am going in tiffany
    but nobody can tell me where i can meet nong poy,
    non lavora più al tiffany ma non riesco a sapere dove lo posso trovare, è molto bello ed a me la prima volta fece venire il cazzo a banana, cioè il cazzo si arcuò.

  • Arina

    at the first I saw her pictures I obviously can’t believe she’s a MAN.
    anyway I’ve seen the pictures of the operation. omg it’s so terrible.

  • firdaus
  • MEiRi

    I find that pretty shocking and disgusting actually.
    I don’t get why he would turn into a girl that bad. (- _ -)
    Maybe I just don’t get the idea os transexuals.

    • firdaus

      yes humans are genarally ignorant by nature( just as you are), and i dont blame you, because only few are special and are able to comprehend such a thing. but you say so conveniently of not understanding why she wanted so badly to achieve her dream as if you are not a human being as if you are an animal with an evolved brain like a chimpanze. so, little monkey, let me give you a little lesson on not to missuse such a word ever again…
      you dont understand electricity but you enjoy the benefits of it dont you, but beware that electricity can also kill you, in an instant!
      my point is, even if you dont understand something it doesnt mean that you can go around and give your own judgement without careful thought, it would be as saying” oh, since electricity gives me benefits then it is friendly. BAD MISTAKE! like i said IT CAN ALSO KILL YOU!!!” therefore when you say “I find that pretty shocking and disgusting actually” then in all fairness, ask yourself this… what is your dream, do you find your dream pretty shocking and disgusting? and what if when you have achived your dream, how do you feel if some stranger talk about you just as what you have said about Nong Poy?
      hm? think about it…

      • Hamba Allah

        Subhanallah taubatlah.

  • edifgrto

    Quite surprised to know that she is a him… -.=
    anyway, she is a real she by now. great~

    • neji

      i object…yeah he has undegone that operation but he can never be a “real she” because he was born male. he only became “she” because of science. he is even immoral.

      • firdaus

        yes, immoral…
        murderres are immoral
        rapist are immoral
        terrorrist are immoral
        fanatics are immoral

        you are immoral too
        for insulting someone who wants to be who they really are,
        i’ve learned that whatever is within the domain of human ability ( including science ) will not manifest without God(s) Will, therefore, if she has able to achieve her dream, than it is because of Gods Will,

        and WHO THE FUCK are you to call Gods Will immoral, ASSHOLE

        • Explosive

          Come on dude. Yes, he did say something stupid and shit, but you have to chill out.

          And I think that it wasn’t God’s Will (I’m an atheist, so… anyway, I don’t desire to begin a discution about that). It’s her own will to do that. And what if she was born male? I was born blond, and now I’m brunette. I think that if you are sure about what you are, it’s fine.

          And let me tell you, she’s smoking hot. I would certainly date her, even knowing that she WAS a guy.

        • Firdaus( bin Abdul) muttalib

          Have you watched “boys don’t cry”? Watch this movie first(and maybe if you have the time try and have a read of this book by “Alec fisher/critical thinking-an introduction) then you understand why I acted the way I did(also so that you know that we’re on the same page) and why I think that religion is no longer relevant in the 21st century and that the only thing important is morality, karma and God is enough to create a new doctrine. I especially hate Islam and Christianity. Both religion is the worst and kills the most people in the name of “the ultimate creator” , what the fuck is that?! I’m currently studying Taoism. It’s more of a doctrine rather than a religion.

        • Firdaus

          And check out at wikipedia about transexuals read the happenings about them. Thailand has done very well regarding this matter, it’s pathetic that the neighbouring countries is still reluctant on doing the same! Pathetic little developing nations, no wonder they’re still developing! The mind set! Their mind set is trash most of them, not all… In my country where most are Muslims and the official religion too, the most people that are very open minded are the Muslims that’s living the night life, drinking alcohol, the ones that are born as but does not accept or practises it… Very weird to me at first but when I thought about it, it’s quite probable.

        • jj

          But your name,firdaus…are you a muslim?Just asking…

        • Firdaus

          Yes I was born as one, proud of it at first due to most of the bullshits and brainwash talk, but as I got older, see many things, read many a books, meet a lot of people; my eyes are opened

        • Firdaus

          Someday I will, like Poy, transform into who I really am. Before, I didn’t think that change was an option, eternal damnation awaits for those who even considered it. But after seeing Poy who had done it very very successfully and incredibly beatiful, I’m determined. She is inspirational.

  • new

    She does exist in Pattaya, Thailand in The Tiffany Show

  • Pipe

    Nong Poy es una belleza de reina indiscutiblemente. Me gustaria conocerla personalmente y tener una foto con ella

  • marco

    a me ha fatto venire il cazzo duro come uno stalin.marco

    • andrea

      il mio lo ricorda sicuramente, ma dove si può trovare adesso ?

  • james

    nong poy is very beautiful but where is??? she is a woman??? or a man??

  • sara

    I actually admired Nong Poy’s life because she transform he became her. If only i can just be like her too. My dream to transplant!

  • vin

    nong poy is definitely pretty
    she looks like real girl
    and i really appreciate and admire her
    shes the most prettiest ladyboy i ever seen
    shes so preasing and charming..
    im her no.1 fan

    • suman chaterji

      i really admire her beauty. the most beautiful lady (through photograph) i have ever seen. she is more beautiful then any other most beautiful lady (natural) in this earth. if GOD give any chance to go to thiland i definitely will visit her. i’ll be really happy if she provide her email id.

  • 0___0

    This is her picture when she was a boy

    This is her pictures when she got married

  • JC John SESE-Cuneta

    Is this for real? She or he doesn’t look like a guy anywhere you look (lol, that’s double meaning haha).

    It is so hard to believe a person with a Man’s Hormone can keep himself like that, as if his body produces female hormones. Just doesn’t fit scientifically.

  • bong

    all i can say is …wow …i wish i can go to her country and watch her show live…and have a picture with her and ask her for dinner .But nong poy i want to say “I’m your no.1 fun in the philippines “

    • Crystal

      She is not real ladyboy or transsexual
      this is a famous Chinese Model….the girl on the pics is chinese…not thai
      nothing to do with thailand…AND this chinese girl is a real girl…a famous model and celebrity!!!!!

  • Nong Duu

    In the last pictures it is definetly her. Some friend send me those pictures short time after they had been taken and we used one of them in the header of our Ladyboy-Blog. With the very first picture I am not 100 % sure. Might be everyone considering the possibilities of digital editing.
    But I think it`s her. Why not. If she was not gorgeous how could she have won the Crown of the International Queen?

    • grace

      IM NOT 100% SURE THAT NONGPOY IS A BOY I THING HE WANT A SEXCHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!