The Guide to Buying and Striking Lottery (4D) (Striking is easy!)

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There are many forms of lottery buying in Singapore and Malaysia. In this guide, we’ll be covering topics on 4D (4 digits).

What is 4D?

“4D Game is a simple game of chance. It is simple and easy to play.”

Quote: Magnum 4D

How to strike 4D?

Let’s use an example Draw No. 2724 (Singapore Pools).

For example, I bought:

4636 BIG $1 SMALL $1

6535 BIG $1 SMALL $1

9999 BIG $1 SMALL $1

In this draw, 2 of my numbers won prizes.

4636 won me the starter prize. For starter prizes, every BIG $1, you’ll be paid $250. As for SMALL, you get no winnings. That goes the same for Consolation; SMALL only applies to First, Second and Third prize. (Total winnings: $250)

6535 won me the First prize. For that, I will be paid $2000 for $1 BIG bet and $3000 for $1 SMALL bet. (Total winnings: $2000 + 3000 = $5000) Big money.

Is it easy to strike 4D?

Let me guide you through.

Simple maths. Let’s assume that each number will only open once in a draw.

Chances of winning: 23/10000 * 100% = 0.23%

If you don’t buy: 0%

You have high chances of striking if you buy.

So, conclusion is: Yes, it’s easy to strike.

Tips on buying 4D

  1. If you think you’re going bankrupt buying 4D, you’re wrong.
  2. 1 week, there’s going to be 3 draws. Assuming there’s 52 weeks a year. 156 draws a year. Just buy $1 (1 set of numbers) each draw, and you’re going to only spend $156. By spending $156 (or less), you have chances of winning up to $2000.
  3. If you have a particular set of numbers you buy often, don’t stop buying. Have faith and buy every draw. You can go over to the counter telling the lady you want to buy your set of numbers for 3 draws. (Wed, Sat and Sunday)
  4. Dress in your lucky colour when you buy. It helps.

I don’t know what numbers to buy

I know. After reading my post, you’re certain you’ll strike it rich buying 4D. Yes, you will! There are in fact many numbers you can buy.

  • Your identity card (NRIC/IC) number. Example for Malaysians: 770103-01-9485. Singaporeans, S7434452X (Did you notice the last 4 digits?)
  • Your car plate. SGX8812Z. Again, another set of golden numbers!
  • Your address. Stay in HDB flats? #05-94? Or you stay on landed property? 76 Peter George Street. Buy 7676 or 0076 then.
  • Your mobile number. Is it 90015857? Another set of numbers that will strike!)
  • Your marriage cert number. Don’t you agree your wife is your god of fortune?

Your date of birth, your CPU’s serial number, last night’s dinner’s invoice/receipt number, your favourite book’s ISBN number, your car license id, your credit card numbers, etc. Any set of numbers will strike.

Start buying

Buying is your only chance of striking.

Remember, my advise is to buy for every draw. The key sentence: Any set of numbers will strike.


Play responsibly.

  • joeye

    how to buy this 5278

  • http://Nil Kamal

    thanks for yr advice,,meaning keep trying, than it defend on yr luck as well, you dont buy how to strike, but dont be gila….one or two dollar no problem.


    how to combine 44,11, 88 ?

    • John

      the above number combinations:

  • Dream_On

    If so easy to strike i no need work so hard and kana f*** by customers :-P

  • leong chow har

    4 T R Z

  • Nathan

    i hv struck 4 times in july and august.
    there is no truth in ur opinions.

  • madan lall

    how to strike 4d

  • Miyaki-

    Well How To Strike 4D, Buy Ur Birthday

  • Felix Ker

    Earl, If its that easy, I myself wouldn’t need to work and just bet on 4D every few days.

  • Earl Er

    I rmb the last time I won is I buy sys 12..den open 3rd prize in March 2010..till nw..I did nt win any of them..include Ibet..ordinary the last time I won is 2006..if so easy..everybody can wake up anytime they need to work..

  • teodora

    tips please

  • teodora

    always missed the no.

  • vincent

    well to strike 4d of course you must buy. I strike $200k recently . I bought for 6 months then strike!. my advice to all guys there only buy number come out often. If you cant lose alot of $ then you must buy ibet often strike save $ as much as possible. then buy straight often. What number to buy? Alway combine with 44. 11 , 88. with yr number. Every year i easily strike $30k cos i buy very smart. Dont all number same like 1111 4444 9999, you will lose $.
    Take care hope you guys strike.

    • king

      thanks vincent.. i take your words..

    • CINDY

      how to combine 44,11, 88???

  • TAN

    you are damn right… i going to strike soon

  • aGuy

    You work for Toto and any of these lottery shops? lol. It’s easy! Yay! If so, no beggars.

  • fleek

    my grandmother bought the same number for 16 years and never kena once… Your theory is flawed.

  • Wonder Woman

    is so easy that beggars will be kings

  • Live 4D Result

    Check Live 4D Draw is Great

  • Humble pie

    Play responsibly. LOL just came back from casino, lost money, went to buy 4d!! Strike but it is so little compared to losses.

    It you have no self control don’t ever step into any casino.

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