I’m having my period. What can I eat and not eat?

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Let’s say I’m having my period. Ignore me. Let’s say you’re having your period. What can you eat, and what can you not eat? I’ll share with you my research.

What can you not eat and drink?

  1. Salty food. Salty food make you retain water and give you a puffy and bloated feeling.
  2. Dairy Food. This doesn’t apply for all women, but its better to take caution as dairy food might make women feel terrible.
  3. Cold water. Refer to what should you eat #2.

What should you eat and drink?

  1. Chocolates. According to some websites, it’s good to eat chocolates contains complex carbohydrates that helps your body expose off excess progesterone, which is the main culprit of PMS.
  2. Warm water. By drinking warm water, you make your body feel warm and thus pain will be reduced during period. Even days before you know your period is coming, you should be drinking warm water to prevent and lower the pain.

Dietary ways to reduce period pain

  1. Eating six small meals throughout the day, instead of three large ones – this can help to keep your blood sugar up and your mood elevated.
  2. Ensure you’re getting enough calcium. The symptoms of calcium deficiency include depression, irritability and anxiety – much like the symptoms of PMS. Adequate calcium intakes vary with age:
    Girls ages 9 – 18 should be getting 1300 mg/day
    Women 19 – 50 years should be getting 1000 mg/day
    Women over 50 years old should be getting 1200 mg/day (Women above 50 rarely read my blog)
  3. No alcohol please. During this period, depressing effects from alcohol can make your period symptoms more serious.

Help! My period is killing me! I’m having stomach Cramps! What can I do?

  1. Take a warm glass of water.
  2. Take a rest inside a warm blanket.
  3. Put both your warm palms on your stomach.
  4. You should feel well in awhile.

If you think anything above is wrong, please comment.

  • Evin lee

    HI I am 12 just started like a few days ago
    Should i eat chocolate because other wedsite says i should not eat
    Which should i listean??

  • no

    Hello! I’m 12 and started my periods at age 10. I had drunken milk before I went to bed yesterday. I know now that makes stomachs feel crappy xD

  • Rianna

    Hey girls, So I am 16 and I just started my period in July (its now January). Anyways, so I get my period twice a month for 3-5 days, and in the beginning I had a really light flow and little to no cramps, but this last time It was the heaviest flow and the worst cramps. And my tampon usually has like clots on it when I pull it out… Is that normal? I know that most of it isn’t normal ( being 16 when I started, twice a month, 3-5 days).

  • Aya

    Hey, I’m 22. And I’m having a very bad cramps. I can’t stretch my back or any of my muscles. I got my period today, and my period last for 10 days .. is this normal?!

    • Mayumi

      Having a period for 10 days is normal. If it last for more than 10 then you should check with a doctor. If your back hurts you can take a hot bath or shower. I suggest not to do drugs or drinking. If your back still hurts then take a plastic zip lock bag fill it with boiled water , not too hot make sure there is no air. Then put it on your back and where your muscles hurt. You should do this two times a day. I hope it works.

  • Zoe

    I am having cramps and it’s very cold nowadays, so is my blanket cold and my hands. So I can’t sleep in a cold blanket or put my cold hands on my stomach! What should I do? Please help me.

    • Zoe

      And yes, by chocolates do you only mean dark chocolates?

    • Jasmine

      Try a small heating pad on your stomach with your blanket covering you. The warmth will sooth your cramps and heat your blanket up too.

    • kaitlyn

      get a heating pad for your stomach and back and drink hot chocolate or tea.. no coffee that makes your cramps worse but i heard chocolate can help.

  • princess

    hi,my legs are so itchy after sitting on the grass im having my period should i scratch it because some elders says if u have period and u scratch it ur gnna have stretch marks?

  • SG

    Hi, I Am 13, I Recently Turned Thirteen A few Days Ago, & This Is My 4th Month Of Having A Period, I NEVER Got Cramps, But As Soon As My Period Started Today, I Have Been having Cramps, Like Bad, Anyway, I Really Think It Is Kind Of Weird To Tell My Mom, So I haven’t, & She Is CONSTANTLY Asking If I Have Started My Period Yet, I Always Lie & Say No.

    • kaitlyn

      you can tell her you have a headache and take advil.. also hot coco and tea really help with cramps but definetly avoid coffee and honestly ik you dont wanna hear this but it would be so much easier if you told your mom i dont talk to my mom about my period but how do you get pads and stuff if your mom dosent know? :o

  • kelly

    Ahhhhh My birthday is in a couple of days and I will be on my period then. I was planning on going drinking but I guess that’s out of the question.

    Although, some girls say that since alcohol thins the blood for a bit, it will reduce my flow for that little bit.

  • Tyler Rose :)

    to everyone suffering from really bad cramps, i used to have the same thing REALLY bad and i still do.. but try using ‘ponstan’ its a prescription drug (so see your doctor) but it works like a miracle. Take the pill, lay in a blanket with a heat pack/wheat bag and in about 30-45 minutes it will kick in and all the pain goes away :)

    • demarco

      never use drugs or pills these are harmful and she is a liar

  • Sanaz

    Dear Desiree:
    Hope you read this and help me too.tnx

    • Sam

      Hi sanaz,
      Its weird because im exactly your age and same syptoms.what helped me is to take the pain releifer beforei have the pain. Like once i know or feel its coming i take it right away. You should know by now which one works best for you. I also cant touch or drink cold things or else my pain comes back but not as hard. I wear heavy sweater and lay on bed swtiching my h heating bad undr my abdomen and ontop my tummy in about 40 minutes the pain is mild and i usually fall asleep. Hope this helps.

      • Sam

        Sorry for misspelling pad*. Under*

  • Ava

    Hi girls :)
    So I’ve had my period since I was 11 and I’m 13 now and I’ve never really had any problems with cramps…like I harly ever get them. But recently I got my period and got up early to go on a run. I got like a mile and a half out and I got the worst cramps Ive ever had. I couldnt walk but I had to get back home bcse I was in a neighborhood I wasn’t from so I started walking back…I got really sick and threw up it was horrible and I ended up laying on the ground in a ball Untill I got someone to pick me up.
    I ended up taking a midol and it got better. But is that normal to have REALLY HORRIBLE cramps and then throw up?
    Thanks for helping
    Ava :)

    • Sanaz

      Hey u all
      I startet my period since i was 11.now im a young lady about 28 and since then i have terrible period each month,you cannot imagine how bad it is.cramp,backache,threw up,… .i couldnt go to school and universty at the first day of my period each month.and now i cant go to work at the first day. i avoid to eat everything is bad and cause pain,but no effect.i becom weak in each period.im so tired of this.help me plz

  • Ayanna

    I just started and I need help managing my craps and is it weird it is brownish and not red ok thanks

    • J

      ayanna, my sister uses midol and it works pretty well. my mom tries to get me to use it but i dont. i get really bad lower back pains and i all i do is bend forwards and it helps a lot.

      and yes, it is normal to have a brownish color when you first start having periods.

      also, im 11 and i had mine last year so my mom got me u by kotex for tweens pads. they are smaller so they will fit to your body.

      Hope this helps!!

    • Ava

      Don’t worry sometimes it is brown like that mine does it too sometimes :). If you have really really bad cramps like I get sometimes take a midol or aspirin, and try not to do alot of movement/excirsizing that usually makes it worse.

  • Charlie

    Heey All. Im 15 and I’ve had my period for about 3 years. June of 2011 my period completely stopped for the whole month and then got really heavy in July 2011. Ever since then, its been acting weird and irregular. Is that normal? Oh and my boyfriend insists on feeding me chocolate and says it will calm my PMS. But I think its fatty. Is he correct? Oh and I keep these awful food cravings. Please respond. (:

    • Aria

      Yes it can happen sometimes, me and my sister had the same problem as you and we were acting weird, but it’s normal. And chocolate is very good at calming ur PMS!

    • Hershey

      hes not wrong. According to some websites, it’s good to eat chocolates contains complex carbohydrates that helps your body expose off excess progesterone, which is the main culprit of PMS. the food cravings aren’t abnormal it happens to many women.

    • stef

      ONLY DARK CHOCALATE. it does help a lot. but ONLY dark chocalate

  • Charlie

    Heey All. Im 15 and I’ve had my period for about 3 years. June of 2011 my period completely stopped for the whole month and then got really heavy in July 2011. Ever since then, its been acting weird and irregular. Is that normal? Oh and my boyfriend insists on feeding me chocolate and says it will calm my PMS. But I think its fatty. Is he correct? Please respond. (:

  • Julia

    hi im 14 i barly got my period last month on the 28th, is it ok that i got it alittle early.?? and i have to change my pad every hour or so is that normal?? and we always have the house coldd since we live in vegas and its always hot will that effect my period or anything else ?? thank you c:

  • T

    I am 12 years old and I just my first period on July Monday 16th 2012 and it is still going. I know everyone’s period is different and irregular for a few years but on average how long should a period last.

    • Areeba

      hey T! Congrats on getting ur period! Oh it lasts up to 10 days or shorter. Some periods ar 4 days, some are 5, 6, 7, 8, and the longest 10.

    • Dejeana wilson

      you can drink a cup of cream ..it helps decrease your period to 3 days ..i am 15 and i have been drinking cream to decrease it ..it really helps .

      • m

        woulnt that give your body problems?

      • Areeba

        yeah wont tht make u gain weight and make u feel notious!?? like ur supposed to eat helthy on ur period. a cup of cream has about 600+ EMPTY FATTY calories!. I dont see how tht decreases ur period to 3 days…..

      • Janeth

        i got my period TODAY!:p what kind of cream is it??

  • Abi

    Hi all,
    I got my period today and I was so scared! And now I have to use the special toilet at school becaus eit is he only one with a bin and I am scared everyone will find out!! Also I am only 11 but it is my birthday in 26 days so practilly I am 12! What can I eat drink etc. also am I allowed to be physical as in running, jogging and sport etc.???? Please reply ASAP!!
    Thankyou Abi

    • Areeba

      yah Abi u are allowed but not extreme sports because if your doing to much exercise like intense and your on your period than try to relax and walk and run a little bit because it could make your periods heavier and could cause some prblm. Good Luck! :)

  • Nikki

    I’ve had my period for 5 years now (im 14) and I usually have my stomach cramps during school or in the middle of the night. Other than taking a pain killer, is there any other way to make the pain seem less during any of these situations? And also, is it true that you can’t eat cold things during your period? I heard from my mom that I should drink warm water or warm our stomach during the cramps, is that effective? Also another question, is it normal to have your bones from the pelvis down to feel loose during cramps?

  • Julie-chan

    When I was 11 I wished That i would have my period becuz all my friends had already had their periods, but when I finally had it it sucked. Is it ok to eat starch? Cuz i read that it slows ur period is that true? Pleaase reply

    • Areeba

      hehhe well there were a lot of girls who wanted there periods wen they were 10 or 11! Oh and about the starch, yes ur aloud to but wat kind of starch like baked potato or brown rice starch? or french fries and white rice? It’s good when your on your period that you eat healthy food and try limiting salty fried food. It will make you retain water and give u a puffy bloated feeling. And no it does not hhave anything to do with slowing your period. If your period comes light then you just have a light period. Good Luck!

  • http://felixker.com Rupi

    Im 17 years old and i had my period when i ws 12 but from May my period stop i dont know what to do. i dont know what to eat or do. Plz somebody help me how can i get my period back. Help me plz..

    • Izzy

      Well have u been sexually active?

    • Areeba

      Hey Rupi! Try going to a woman doctor and she’ll probably tell you what’s wrong. It’s better you get real help from a registered doctor, rather than asking what to do from others. Also maybe if you have been sexually active than that’s probably one of the reasons. hope that helps! Good Luck!!! :) :)

    • Sallie

      My friends period stopped because she wasnt eating enough so she went to the doctor and he said that it would have been 2 things… stress or not eating enough… hope i helped :)

  • Emily

    Hello fellow ladies i started my periods a few days ago right on the first of july! Im eleven and a half my birthday is in a month so im practicaly twelve. I have noo pain at all! NOt even a little. It has no pain that i didnt realize that i was having it until i went to pee. Here r some simple tips my mommy told me. I also read it on a booklet. Before you get ur period u should excersise a little like sone jogging and stretching. Eating eggs does not make it smell cuz i ate egg and nothing happened. Irs different for all girls but i doubt it. Make sure to change ur pad before u go to sleep. Dont use tampon unless necassary becuz it make make u lose ur virginity which is what u dont want. Good luck!

    • Areeba

      hey Emily congrats on getting ur period! yah the first time u get it, it doesnt really hurt.

    • Brenda

      Hey Emily, just to let u know, using tampons doesn’t mean u loose ur virginity. To loose ur virginity you have to have sexual intercourse with a male. Also congrats on getting your period.! :)

    • hrdasarck

      hey emily tampons doesnt get rid of ur virginity…heheheh bt congrats im thirteen and it doesnt hurt until the 3rd month i barely finished and this really helped

  • Gabbie

    I’m eleven and haven’t had my period yet even though I’ve been having white stuff come out for like two years is there something wrong with me?

    • Carena

      I’m 17 and have been having periods since . . . Since well forever. That white stuff is completely normal. It’s just discharge. It’s your body’s way of cleaning itself out. Some girls have more than others. Some are so little you don’t notice it and others are like yours and you find it unfortunately in your panties. It’s nothing to worry about. Good luck girl.

    • http://facebook.com anupriya

      may be you have somesort of infection in your vagina!

    • hrdasarck

      no but its a sign ur gonna get it soon i was sort of worried too wen it happened to me hahaha :)

    • m

      if you have white stains on your undies, that means your period is going to come soon. thats what happened to me. and i red it on a website…something like that.

  • http://Hey Najah

    Hey im 11 and bout to me 12 and I had cramps but it didnt really hurt but I have a boyfriend and I am worried I stink around him what I do to not stink I barley got it 2 days ago and.im scared ima stink around him me !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Areeba

      Hey Najah im 12 soon to be 13 and this is my advice: Ok if ur scared u stink around him then just wash your vagine with water tht will help massage and wash away all the bacteria and germs. Wash it every time u use the bathroom and you will not stink. Change your pad often and by doing all these hopefully you won’t stin. but DONOT use scented pads they will irritate the vagina and can cause an infection. Hope this helps! :)

    • Jasmin

      Hey,im the same age as you. I wad previously in the same situation as you. i felt the same way with my boyfriend. Were not together anymore but if he really liked you he wudnt care that much and would understand what your going through eventhouh he will never go through it. Anyways period blood doesnt really smell unless it comes into contact with air so if you dont pull ur panties down then yu will be fine loool . Hope i helped. Hope it goes wrll too

    • Polina

      Buy some spray that’s what I do.

    • Ashley

      when my sister was 12 (and im 12 bout to be 13) she changed her pad when it started to smell and i use kotex pads and on the boxes it has little fact or myth on your period and they’re interesting to learn.

    • hrdasarck

      theres soap they make thats not even exensive that helps from the odor from happening hope it helps

  • Heather

    I am 12 and just got my period last night. Its really, really light. But ive had HORRIBLE stomach cramps, and honestly i dont know what i shoul and shouldnt be eatin. Help me please??

    • Areeba

      HI Heather congrats on getting your period! Im 12 to and I got mine last year in May. What you should do is eat healthy food’s such as fruits and vegetables. Drink warm milk and STAY AWAY from salty foods like Lays Potato Chips and salty snacks. They make you retain water and give you a bloated feeling which is already worse enough considering you have the cramps. So the day before you get your period, run. Run on the treadmill or get good workout. I tend to run 2 to 3 miles. During your period make sure to walk and stretch. Even though the pain of the cramps and period may already KILL you, walk so your blood clots can be released and I promise you will feel better. Heres some foods you should eat:

      1. Eat plenty of calcium and magnesium rich foods (milk and take your mom or dad to GNC the vitamin shoppe, and buy those calcium tablets. You can get them t Walgreens, Walmart, CVS. I like to get nature-made calcium supplements for HER or the regular ones (1000)

      2. Eat plenty of Iron rich foods. (Spinach, Kale)
      3. During your period you should eat a variety of HEALTHY foods, eggs also (They won’t make your period smell that’s just a superstition) But if you are worried about if it smells, try washing you vagine with warm water. This will clean and massage it. By washing away all the bacteria and germs, you will feel cleaner and lighter
      4. Eat salad that contain veggies. Veggies have nutrients.
      5.Warm milk with a touch of chocolate powder (Try getting Ovaltine since it has vitamins in it and you might be craving chocolate so it’ll work like a bonus!)
      6. Drink Water. Water will help you feel fresher and cleaner and give you some energy.
      7. Don’t eat sour or salty stuff. Sour stuff like Sour-Patch Kids, you may wanna stay away from for the week. Chips are not your go to snack.

      OK Good Luck Heather and don’t worry about your period. It means your capable of giving birth. etc. Try using Pads instead of Tampons. If your at home just use a pad with wings. Yes u have to change them but you only need to change your pad when it is kind of soaked with blood. Tampons on the other hand, you need to worry about not letting it go to far in, or it can slip out. You HAVE to change it and you need to know what size and how much blood in milliliters come out. Im pretty sure you wont wanna take the time to measure your blood so try using Pads. GOOD LUCK! :) :) Oh and talk to your mom, older sister, an Adult you trust like your BFFs mom, or any woman or girl you know that can give you the TRUE answers :)
      Hope this answer helped!!! :) :) :)

    • lily

      omg i just got it on the 20th of june but i got it like in the afternoon and im 12 i dont have cramps i also have light blood i do have flows but not too much i’d probably say it healthy exercise

      • Areeba

        Yah just eat healthy and exercise. If this is your first time getting them than well for me, they weren’t that bad and im 12. But after that when you start getting your periods its best to take vitamins and supplements. Exercising helps a lot. Even if they kill, they wil help to release blood clots. :)

      • http://onedirectioner.com Jihadah

        hhahahahahahah the wierd thing is that i got my period june 18th its sucks im on it right now and im looking for healthy foods to eat. Also, what are the best payne killers (did that cuz i like Liam Payne one direction). I have some examples Midol,Motrin,Advil,or Tylenol i heard tylenol doesn’t work though. Oh and when I go back to school how do you tell your teacher I think it will be harder because my new teacher is a male. Pleeze help me thnx Keep Calm And Get One Direction Infection =)

        • J

          dont worry about telling your teacher. if u really need to go and he asks why just say its a girl thing. he will probably be more embarrassed than you.

          my sister uses midol

          and also, the brand of pads that i use are u by kotex tweens. they are smaller and fit to ur body (i got mine when i was 10)

          hope this helps!!

  • Yajaira

    Hi I’m Yajaira ! and i get really bad cramps something i didnt use to get but the reason is because i eat alot of chili and some other foods i shouldnt be eating days before getting my period. So i’am going to list some of the foods you should’nt be eating (days before your periodor during your period).
    1- chili : tapatio , jalapenos, anytime of salsa homemade or store.
    2- tomatoes
    5- eggs (eggs kan make your period smell )
    remember everyones body is different and reacts differently. Hopefully this helps and if you have any question ..please ask :)

    • Areeba

      With all do respect, I don’t undertand how home made salsa is wrong. If anything I think it’s healthy and you can pair it with a protein and a carb. Salsa is just tomatoes, herbs, onions, Jalapeno’s , and something else. Chili ok, but onions and lettuce?!? Lettuce is an excellent source of vitamins, and so are onions like eat it with something. If anything, everyone should be eating some green each day.Especially during your period, I try to eat a salad with lunch or dinner, Eggs are pretty good in Periods. They are a healthy source of protein and the yoke has B-Vitamins and something else which makes your period easier and not so worse. The reason it smells is because your not cleaning your vaginal. Your vagine is where all the bacteria and germs are. If all women started washing it, then lots of DUB, and vaginal problems wouldn’t happen. Try buying a watering can and put it in your bathroom. Wash your vagine every time you use the bathroom and it will clean and massage it. :)

  • sofie

    I had mine in march 10 and since that I have it every 1O of every month .-_-

    • Cheyanne

      I wish mine was that easy to predict. I got mine on February 8th then, March 13th! THEN, March 30th. while I was at camp. It then skipped April. … Bodies are weird…

  • Desiree

    For cramps take up to 600 mg calcium lactate (plant based). Avoid pain killers, aspirin and ibuprofen they are all bad for your liver. Drink lots of water.

    Also, drink the juice of one lemon with 6-8 oz of warm spring water every morning on an empty stomach. This will cleanse your liver and help you detox as well.

    You can take the calcium daily at night on an empty stomach to help you sleep well, and for tooth and gum health (receding gums and loose teeth). It also helps with wrinkles and will help you keep your youthful look for years to come. I am over 50 and I am reading your blog. :)

  • Christina

    Oh god, I had the worst cramps last night. I only got a few hours a sleep, think I fell a sleep at 3.30 am or something. Worst night ever! I have never felt so much pain before and aspirin didn’t help either. Only made it worse, actually. I’v had my period for 3 years now, so it’s weird that I haven’t felt this kind of cramps before. Anyways, going to try out the tips above.

    • Cheyanne

      Oh, if you have cramps, you should try Advil. It’s great! When I have cramps, I just lay down on my stomach for awhile and I take an Advil, it starts working pretty fast. If you don’t have Advil, you can try Tylenol. (I reccomend Advil) Hope i helped!

    • Areeba

      Hi Christina! Im so sorry for the cramps! Yah it’s best you don’t take any over the counter medicine unless your doctor says it’s ok. When ever i have cramps I like to walk and stretch no matter the pain. Actually by walking it helps release the blood clots and makes you feel better. Try drinking warm water, and eating healthy. The best thing I do before getting my period, like if I know, I RUN on the treadmill for like 2 to 3 miles. I get a good workout and whenever I do this my periods are not the worse. Yes maybe 1 or 2 days their kinda bad but the other days are not so bad. Also, your period is preparing you for what it’s going to feel like when you have a baby. Hope you feel better! :) :) =) =[) n_n :[)!