30 Tips on How to make your girlfriend happier

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It doesn’t matter whether she’s your girlfriend, girl you’re after, or your wife.. Here are a few tips to make a girl (in general) happier.

  1. Be true to her. The truth might hurt, but when she finds out you’re lying, it’s worse.
  2. Love what/who she loves. How can her little puppy at home be irritating?
  3. Spend quality time with her! She wants your full attention.
  4. If you’re really that busy, give her a call when you can.
  5. If you’re not even free to make a call, or cannot call during working hours, a text message warms her heart as well.
  6. Hold her hands in public. Be proud of her!
  7. Hug her! Hugs are stronger than kisses.
  8. Kiss her more, of course.
  9. Don’t sweet talk. Say nice things to her but make sure they’re always true!
  10. Respect her.
  11. Listen to her. Spend some time everyday listening to what she has got to say!
  12. Gifts! It doesn’t have to be any special day. Neither has it gotta be expensive.
    • Flowers - they love it.
    • Soft toys – if she’s not allergic, why not?
  13. Get to know her friends. Especially the people she mix around.
  14. Remember the anniversaries. Men often time forget these dates. It’s time you have an organiser to remember them.
  15. Care for her. Who doesn’t need some care?
  16. Tell her you love her. Simple 3 words “I love you” isn’t so hard to say, right?
  17. Send her a text and say good morning. She’ll feel good to see her boyfriend’s text early in the morning. It might wake her up, but she’ll still smile.
  18. Buy her her favourite food. Not hard right? How about dining at her favourite restaurant?
  19. Drop some vocabulary – such as ‘old’, ‘fat’, ‘ugly’. If you love her, these few words shouldn’t exist in your dictionary.
  20. Praise her. Be it a great job done, nice make up or a nice dress she wore, she’ll be happy.
  21. Compromise! She loves it but you’re not having pasta everyday, are you?
  22. Let her feel loved (on bed). She needs good sex as much as you do. Do I still need to elaborate?
  23. Sing her a song. Just a verse would be good.
  24. Share a joke with her. Laughing is the best medicine. :)
  25. Be romantic. The beach and the stars? The park and the bench?
  26. Don’t mention your ex-girlfriends. She hates it.
  27. Don’t compare her with other girls. I know Jamie was good at this but every girl is different. Accept it. Move on.
  28. Surprise her. Who doesn’t like surprises?
  29. Massage her. She’ll feel you care.
  30. Don’t quarrel over anything. Discuss about it. Problems can be solved with discussion.

The points above can be summarised: Spend optimum time, Buy some gifts, Love and care for her and give her more attention. That’s about all.

How do you ususually make your girlfriend happier? Any tips to share?

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  • salman

    im havin a gf…………

  • kel

    Sugar daddy sounds like a dick….the only love he’s getting is probably from his hand

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  • http://any rakesh friend

    i had agf but due to my mistake she told me that she dnt want to be in relationship with me
    also she gave me a chance that she will observe me 4 one year then she will decide what to do
    she want me to be her friend 4 one year
    what should i do plsss help me

    • maddy

      m also in a same situation bro.. :(

      • cahlen


    • deePIMPact

      Find another girl….there shouldn’t be probationary periods in relationships

    • cahlen

      You have 2 good options…. Option A) The quick way…. You simply be her friend and act 100% okay with it and quickly get a girlfriend or fck buddy and simply be with her. Bring her around the ex when possible…Not to her house, but in public where she may see you. Dont want it to seem your trying to make her jealous just make it seem youre desirable to SOMEONE.. Option B) the gentlemanly/mature route….I am with a girl I REALLY like that i dated 2 years ago and we broke up. i was immature.. we were both not great to one another. i was worse…. but This option is actually BE HER FRIEND. Dont make moves on her… NEVER bring up anything even closely relating to you and her having or someday again having a relationship or any sexual relations…. Be a gentleman. DONT get jealous. Dont be immature when she dates a guy and say HE BETTER BE GOOD TO YOU.. Just act like youre her best friend… But never be willing to talk about her relationship too much. Or her relatinoshiop issues. You will be in the friend zone and if you fuck she’ll quickly regret it… Be a friend and dont make moves. . Make yourself better. work full time, stay clean, clean your house up and car, your hair bi weekly….. Save money. have nice things… Be her friend but not her shoulder to cry on…. Better yourself and look attractive and SMELL GOOD.. girls love that… really. . and you will create those feelings.. women are creatures of foreplay… If and when you get her again, if you go ahead and ask at some point, she will tell you she was really attracted to you weeks or months before you guys got together again…. If you do as i say… Good luck… Be patient… Men are patient. Boys are not

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  • jackson salem

    i rilly no what to do now to make my girlfriend love me more

  • drdrxdr

    hi peeps

    • ladies man

      give her a promise ring. kay or jared is good. her birth stone mabey or hearts

  • drdrxdr

    its true on this page do wat these people say and u should keep ur gf because ive done them and shes really happy

  • Ghost girl

    Don’t think #22 is some fantastic idea

  • ro

    make her jealous she will be your, but dnt fight with her, u will lose her, even if she talk to other guy, just tell her why u dont like when she talk to other guy, if she really loves u, she will understand and will stop talking to those guy u dont like, but in return if she ask u not to talk to your friends or not to do something, u should do it, love is on both side, so be ready to fulfill it.. love is to gave attention (full attention). txt her, talk to her loadz, tease her, play with her, jokes, sweet words, spend lots of time with her, and yeahhh ofcourse never refuse her to sex .

    • X

      thats the problem im having with my gf she talks to other guys and i dont like it. it makes me feel like she doesnt like me anymore

      P.S. thanks for the help/tip

  • Mh

    Maybe you should try buying a dictionary first

    • wt

      LOL so true

  • http://www.felixker.com jason

    help me please my gf has a friend thts aboy she talks to at school but barely talks to me at school wat should i do

    • Alex

      Same here

    • http://felix.ker.com the shy little ninja

      If she really treats you like that it shows she doesn’t care. I know it is really hard to hear but she doesn’t seem to live up to the standards of being a girlfriend. Just confront her about it, now I don’t mean spazz out and leave yourselves both pissed just tell her that it bothers you, and you don’t appreciate it. If she gets mad, well if she really is a nice girlfriend she shouldn’t get mad in the first place, you’re just telling her the truth.

    • alvin

      tell her how much u love her and dont be shy…….saying i love u means alot to them

  • Akhil

    I hv gf.
    she love m n I love her
    but his one friend like her,
    my gf always chat with him
    n I hate. this
    wht should I do
    please.help me out

    • http://dude.com Dude

      Fix your Grammar , Learn to spell
      then she will leave that guy for you

      • http://gmail star

        ask her a question that if i being loved by someone wat wil u feel?

    • http://felix.ker.com the shy little ninja

      tell her it bothers you, like i said spazzing out and leaving eachother pissed is not what I mean. Just notify that you don’t like it.

    • jjbdjduh hsuaa

      just trust her its ok just like you have friends that are girls she has friends that are guys

    • X

      what ever you do dont threaten to beat him up its not the way to go i did that today and well my gf is just pissed off. so dont threaten him just reason with her or the guy. now if he is a bitch then you have to explain why you want to fight him (just saying if you do want to beat the guy up DONT do it without telling your gf and why you want to do it)

  • Chris

    The only thing worse than this list is the pathetic comments from the losers here, seriously, don’t have sex because god says so??? WTF?!?!?!

    Grow up you people, sex is a natural part of any relationship, if the girl or guy isn’t into it, you just wait for them, if you want it more than they do, dump them and find someone else, if you love them, stick with them.


    • GEE

      :) yeah…..right….

    • Ghost girl

      Shut up there are enough problems without this advice

  • plzz help me yrrr…i hv a gf we love each other but i dnt knw how to care a gf… nd i m want to care her plzzz tell me how?????nd wot to do

    plzz help me guyzz

  • http://rediffmail.com J M Puranik

    Hi Neha I love you

  • Ishq

    one more tip :-

    feel her like independent and don’t ever pressure on her

  • Mark

    This is BS. I do all these things and she’s still not happy.

    • http://felix.ker.com the shy little ninja

      If you are treating her like she is royalty it probably isnt you bud :)

  • ilovemycyg

    i love my gf but i cannt find she are very farr from me now…..what can i do to make me feel better?……sory for my bad english

  • Antonio Pratas

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    Thank you so much!

  • http://felixker.com/love-relationship/30-tips-on-how-to-make-your-girlfriend-happier/ ayon

    my girlfriend does not like sex before marry. what can i do?

  • Femi

    I need help, my girl friend travel and ever since then she’s no longer picking my calls

    • nina

      better contact her relatives. don’t jump into conclusions first.

  • http://yahoo.com harry

    nice collectiom of tips .thanks dude

  • unknown

    whut did i do? anyone wanna hlp me here? tell me what i did.