Why is my girlfriend … Your questions answered.

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These questions are Google’s suggestions to “Why is my girlfriend …”.

Why is my girlfriend always mad at me?
Since you mentioned always, either your girlfriend is a bad one, or you’re a bad boyfriend. I can’t decide for you.

Why is my girlfriend unhappy?
You must have made her unhappy. Flowers might do the job.

Why is my girlfriend so mean?
Why are you asking me when you chose her? Dump her if you cannot accept that she’s so mean.

Why is my girlfriend crazy?
Crazy over you? I’m sure not.

Why is my girlfriend so moody?
Time of the month?

Why is my girlfriend ignoring me?
We’re human. We get emotional. Ask yourself: What have you done that caused her to ignore you.

Why is my girlfriend mean to me?
Remember what’s mentioned above? If she’s mean, that’s still fair. If she’s mean to you; Good luck.

Why is my girlfriend so fat?
I like this question. Most of the women I know never stop complaining that they’re fat. So if you are going to agree to them being fat, this is going to impact them a lot. You better think twice before asking this question.

Why is my girlfriend mad at me?
Question already answered above. To simplify, if you’ve done something wrong, I don’t see why your girlfriend shouldn’t be mad at you.

Why is my girlfriend so stupid?
Find a girlfriend smarter than you and she’ll start complaining that you’re stupid. Next, you’ll find her Googling for “Why is my boyfriend so stupid?”.

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