Sunshine Empire: Whats next?

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If Sunshine Empire makes you money without having you to work, everyone just gotta invest and then no one will have to work. This is not a right cycle.

SINGAPORE: The Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) has launched investigations into multi-level marketing (MLM) firm, Sunshine Empire.

The probe by the white collar crime buster comes just over a month after the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) placed the firm on an investor-alert list which zooms in on those who may be conducting activities regulated by the MAS without authority.

Sunshine was also put on a similar list by Malaysian authorities a few months ago.

MLM firms, which are legal in Singapore, typically invite people to pay cash for the right to market goods to other people. They also get cash for recruiting other MLM marketeers.

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What do I know?

I got to know Sunshine Empire through a friend few months back and according to him, he earns quite alot through the investment plans. The investment plans earns him much much more than what any local bank’s investment plans can give. I’m going to stop here about what I know – I’ve got no facts since it’s a ‘hear-say’.

Whats wrong?

Just think. You think investing $20k and you’re getting back $40k in a year without having to do any work? Nothing is free, my dad always says.

Even if stock markets are bullish right now, it’s near to impossible for anyone to just invest for you and get back so much. Hey, do you know how many hedge funds went bankrupt last and this year?

Is this publicity or bad news for the company?

Until now, no one knows. 

Positive: This piece of news may invite more investors. “Oh, so Sunshine Empire can earn me lots of money!”

Negative: Oh shit. I want my money back now. I’m going over to their head office to meet …”

My two pennies worth

I am NOT an investor of Sunshine Empire. Neither am I a supporter of the company. And, I’m not having anything against the Empire (Why should I?).

Investors may want to get back what they invested few months back, but I’m quite sure that the company wouldn’t allow that. If everyone does that, they’ll close down soon. So good luck guys.


If you’re thinking about investing with Sunshine Empire, I suggest you visit your nearby banking partner, be it DBS, POSB, Standard Chartered, Maybank, HSBC, UOB or Citibank to arrange for a fixed deposit account. At least banks are more reliable with their lower but realistic interest rate at maybe 4% per annum.

We warned you. =)

  • nancy

    hi my name’s nancy i’m from mongolia and i just wanna know that how can i return my money back from sunshine empire company i almost invest bout 100k. so please let me know if there anyone who get’s the money back. i hope u guys will help