Felix Ker’s Christmas Gadget Gift Guide 2010 Part 2 [Singapore]

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100% Handmade Natural Soap

[Note: I am not paid to write this.]

Gifts ranging from $6.80 to $36

I’d say the gifts in this entry are more suitable for the ladies. So, read on guys!

I mentioned in the Christmas Gadget Gift Guide that it’s better to buy something practical as a gift. At least there’s less chance of your gift being left somewhere deep in the store room collecting dust. I’m sure you agree about this too.

Okay, cutting everything short, I actually received a gift lately and saw the label with a website (or blog site, you might call it). What I received was a piece of 100% natural handmade soap! Took me two days to take action – unwrap it and use it. I don’t have sensitive skin but what’s really good about this piece of soap is that my skin doesn’t feel dry after I shower. Neither do I feel it’s really oily. I’ll stop writing about the advantages, if not you might think I’m paid to write this.

You might want to check out BubblesLand for their natural products. I also noticed there’s a Christmas promo going on. Prices of gifts ranging from $6.80 (which I personally think is affordable if I’m buying for a few friends). They also have L’Occitane hand creams at 20% cheaper than retail price! Best of all – FREE shipping!

I’m surely gonna spend some money on these natural products if I’ve the budget for Christmas! :)

  • http://perfectarts.ru/ Billy

    These things are amazing! My gf really loves that.. heh

  • http://jigarbpatel.blogspot.com Andy

    Good list!!