Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Singapore

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1. Changi Commando Barracks (cum Changi Prison)


Barracks for around 15, 400 British and Australian Troops during WWII. POWs were kept there too.

2. Dairy Farm House

History of this place is somehow unknown. There are empty bottles hanging on sticks and plants.Maybe you might want to explore the place yourself. Located at Dairy Farm Road, leading to BKE.

3. Old Ford Motor Factory

History was made there on 15th Feb 1942 when the Head of the Allied forces, Lt General A. E. Percival, surrendered to general Yamashita of the Japanese Forces. It’s also said that most patriotic Japanese soldiers and high rank officers ‘martyred’ themselves upon receiving news that Japan was losing the war, but I only read that it’s a legend.

  • PeekaBOO!

    You should try Cathay Building. The site is VERY haunted I had numerous personal encounters because I worked in one of the offices before the recent renovations. Although I cannot see ghosts, thankfully or I may have freaked out by their frequency, I could certainly hear their murmurings and witness object displacements. Their occurrences were daily and all day not necessarily nightfall. It was so haunted with denizens of ghosts in every part of the building that ghost stories were always a good conversation starter with other people who worked in the building.

    For example during one week where I had to stay past midnight working solo on a project, the elevator doors would ding and open just for me when I was about to lock up. Happened every.single.night for the whole week. My dad used to work in that building long before me and he mentioned of a very old lift operator guy who stuck to his job till he died. Maybe the ghost operating the elevator was his?

    And many many other instances I could rattle on forever. As not much is covered on this building I hope you can gather more stories.

  • SoulHunterz Uda

    SoulHunterz Singapore have gone to these places long time ago :D

  • raj

    hantu tetek living there

    • ali

      dear zoe, look in the mirror n u will see a ghost, u

  • Zoe

    Shit I also have p5 camp at diary farm. It’s a weird creepy feeling hanging inside me although I see nothing. But a friend had been crying whole night and was too traumatized to tell the teachers what happened. After a while she managed to finally speak and told them she saw a ghost. I believe her because she is those quiet quiet type and honest girl. Also it’s the most weird and eerie camp I had.