SingTel’s Mobile Broadband is really very lousy

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Before I start on this entry, I wish to say that this is my personal experience for the past few months using this service.


I am staying at a rented room with my sister and thus we thought that we’re not going to register for wired Internet. Instead, we should just get SingTel’s Mobile Broadband (Mobile 1000).

Someday, some months back, we went down to SingTel at Bugis. Wow, when you sign a two year plan, you get the HSDPA modem (Huawei or Samsung) free. Free registration. Blah blah. We always love promotions, right? And so we signed up (Yes, 24 months contract).

First two months

First two months was ok. Decent bandwidth that I can get. I mean, pages don’t take very long to load. The latency is not that bad.


  1. MSN cannot connect. This is crap. Totally unacceptable.
  2. Tibia (MMORPG) lags like hell. I logged in and tried to walk. I couldn’t even walk at all. I would lag for the next 60 seconds and get booted off for no packets sent/received. Damn it. You shall pay for what I paid CIP Soft.
  3. Websites don’t load at all. Not even Don’t even think about browsing
  4. Emails not readable/reply-able. I cannot even get on the Internet smoothly, how can I read and reply my emails smoothly?
  5. Think I can blog?

What can I do?

  1. Get home, rest, shower and do face mask. After so much stress and sleeping late because the Internet tends to be not so bad after 12am.
  2. I called SingTel 3 times in 2 weeks. I am still not getting any reply from their technical team regarding this shit.
  3. Watch Hot Shot (篮球火). It entertained me for 1 hour.

Screw SingTel. I’m just bored. Internet sucks and I can’t do much.

SingTel, I want..

  1. Waiver for my Internet bill for the past 2 months and current. (I paid them already, thinking it will improve)
  2. Termination of contract.
  3. Compensate me for my time (having to sleep late to use Internet)
  4. Compensate me for my loss in not being able to get onto Tibia. You’re going to pay for my premium account.

If you’re using SingTel Broadband on Mobile..

I’d like to know how’s your Internet. Comments please.

  • TaengHearts

    Ya, same thing here. My broadband has been unconsistent. My ping has been jumping from 400 – 200 and back to 400. It’s really disappointing, I hope singtel will do something about it as well.

  • Frust

    Same thing here. It almost made my handphone looks like a joke which normally don’t refresh page properly, and sometimes just hang there. I started to wonder if my iphone 4S giving problem or the Singnet. The service is really bad. Even it stated 4 bar with 3G signal, my facebook not loading, my webpage not loading, my mail not refreshing. I wonder which area has the best coverage cause even in CBD (Shenton Way) is also affected

  • UN

    Singtel CON people ! Recently, a singtel operator called me.

    Operator X in Filipino accent: Hi Ma’am! Ma’am, we notice that you have been a faithful singtel customer for the past 10 years and we’d like to reward you with free ASTRO Ria and other English channels for one month!

    Me: OK…I don’t want ASTRO Ria, I don’t watch Malay shows and I hardly even watch TV!

    Operator X in Filipino accent: It’s free Ma’am

    Me: So after one month, is it chargeable?

    Operator X in Filipino accent: Yes Ma’am after one month it’s chargeable..

    Me: So if I don’t want it I can call Singtel to cut off for the next month?

    Operator X in Filipino accent: Uh, I guarantee Ma’am that you won’t want to cut off…but you can call Singtel if you don’t want it Ma’am So can I verify your details…

    Fast forward 1/2month later; i.e; today; I called 1688

    Me: hi! I call to cancel my ASTRO Ria

    Operator Y in Singaporean accent: Hi ma’am!It shows here you have signed up for ASTRO Ria on the 29th march for a one year contract…

    Me: Hold on…hold one…what are you talking about? (On my head…what the F are you talking about??) didn’t sign up for this…some operator called me and offered it to me for free for being a loyal singtel customer.. i don’t even want it in the first place…

    Operator Y in Singaporean accent: Uh, Ma’am if that’s the case, we have to check and get back to you in 3 working days..

    Me calling 2nd operator:

    Operator Z in Singaporean accent: Uh , Ma’am there’s another department called tele sales which you agreed to sign with on the 29th March which when you said YES over the phone, that means you have agreed to the 1 year contract..

    Me: BULLSHIT! This is CRAP! What the **** are you saying?? I didn’t sign anything! i didn’t agree to any such thing! I was offered free ASTRo for one month because the operator said it’s free as a reward to me being a loyal customer of Singtel..I can’t believe this…do you have to stoop so low in order to boost sales by conning people into agreeing to a plan they don’t even know about?!! What the ****??

    Next I went down to Singtel shop which didn’t help as they photocopy my IC and said will get back to me God knows when..

    Finally, I called 1688 again to screw up one more operator and the another one before i Call it quits and will just wait for their call on Monday… man I’m wasting energy just being angry with singtel.. man cannot trust singtel anymore.

  • Syafee

    ok, firstly, wow I thought I was the only one. The singtel broadband is really really really slow. I have lots of projects and always need to do research in the internet and the broadband keeps disconnecting every few minutes! Its really inconvenient and I don’t recommend it to anyone. It’s not worth it. Im waiting for another 3 months and my contract is done.

  • Felix Ker

    Check your contract. The penalty fees are all stated behind.

  • jay

    how much do i need to pay if i terminate it before contract ends?